Objectives of the Society

  • Promoting scientific, technical, research and educational relations and collaboration between researchers, pediatric cardiologists and other colleagues who care for the infants with cardiac diseases.
  • Collaborating with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, universities, and educational and research institutes related to the activities of the society about educational, research, health and medical programming.
  • Helping the relevant responsible officials in revising educational programs, and evaluating educational institutions and the level of knowledge about pediatric cardiology among graduates of different levels of medical sciences.
  • Presenting educational, scientific, technical and research services based on the current regulations.
  • Encouraging scientists, researchers and students to promote their activities.
  • Organizing scientific meetings and continuing medical education programs on the country or international levels based on the current regulations.
  • Providing a suitable basis for researching about the field of pediatric cardiology, especially by encouraging young colleagues.
  • Cooperating in the foundation of Iranian Medical Societies Council.
  • Attracting support of international institutions to conduct research and educational programs in Iran, in accordance to the current regulations.


Thank to the efforts of PN Davari, MD, Iranian Society of Pediatric Cardiology was founded on April 20, 2007. The founding committee consisted of the following persons in alphabetical order:


Organizing Committee:

The first committee (2007-2010) consisted of the following persons:


The second committee (2010-2013) consisted of the following persons:


The third and current committee (2013-2016) consists of the following persons: